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Tetra Health Care physicians are all members of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) and make regular contributions from their clinical experience to the SCC searchable database to share and expand the knowledge of clinical use of cannabis with their colleagues. Tetra physicians are up to date in Continuing Medical Education courses and seminars to keep themselves at the forefront of the rapidly-evolving field of clinical and medical applications of cannabis and holistic medicine.

Tetra Health Care physicians are determined to give access to the cannabis cornucopia to all the many Californians who suffer from medical problems amenable to the remarkable members of the marijuana family and we stand 100% behind our recommendations.

Binoj Matthew, MD

Dr Matthew is the best doctor I have been to! He actually listened to me and gave me his honest opinion on what he feels can be best for you. I have no help with my primary care doctor so to have a someone that will actually listens to you means a lot! Thank you Tetra!

Douglas Scott, DO

Why did you become a doctor?
“I grew up in a family of doctors and nurses. I’ve always loved helping people.”

Don’t go anywhere else for your recommendation! Dr. Scott was absolutely phenomenal and I was in and out of there within an hour. I will continue to come here everytime I need a renewal!

Sylvan Riker, MD

The staff was straight forward and made the process very enjoyable. Dr. Riker took the time to answer all my concerns and they stayed true to the price advertised.

Robert Hannum, DO

Why did you become a doctor?
“I was in a car accident in my 20’s leaving my right arm numb. However, doctors said nothing was wrong with it. That steered me to change my major from Biology to Pre-Med.”

I am a complete novice to medical marijuana use.  This office staff & doctor Hannum were so welcoming and patient with all my questions.  They made lots of recommendations for me too!  It was about half hr from start to finish with no appointment. Can’t say enough good things.

Lewis Auerbach, MD

A very professional staff and knowledgable doctor who was willing to take the time to answer all of my questions and concerns.  Dr Auerbach took the time to explain the different forms of ingestion and would work best for my condition. He made me feel very comfortable with what is very unfamiliar to me.

Jason Schultz, MD

Thank you Dr. Schultz!  Following your thorough advice I am feeling better already. Would definitely recommend to a friend and will be back for my renewal next year.