Vets Choosing Medical Marijuana For PTSD

PTSD comes in many forms and can be caused by many traumatic events in people’s lives. But when it comes to the PTSD of war veterans, there is nothing more traumatic to the brain, to the senses, or to the soul. As of this date, 22 veterans take their lives in suicides every single day in America. The drugs that big Pharma uses to treat the scars of war might be adding to the problem. This is why veterans with PTSD are turning to medical cannabis. But, when the Attorney General of the United States considers cannabis dangerous and refuses to even consider moving it to schedule 2 status, you know we still have an uphill battle to fight.

As more states exercise their rights to introduce medical cannabis to their populations, more people are having a choice in how to treat insomnia, pain, anxiety, and PTSD.

In fact, only a few years ago, the US military was willing to consider testing medical cannabis on veterans with PTSD.  There is a reason they say war is hell, because it can last in your mind a lifetime. And, nobody deserves that, no matter what war they fought in or for what political reasons. The good news is cannabis is helping millions of people, and research is advancing. We at Tetra Health Care are very proud to say thank you to our veterans. If you are considering medical cannabis here in the state of Florida, please visit our website where you can learn so much more.