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CBD and Liver Fibrosis

The medical journal known as Cell Death and Disease recently conducted studies on liver fibrosis and possible treatments for this horrendous condition. Liver fibrosis is an excessive tissue buildup in the liver which can cause failure of the organ and even death. The Cell Death and Disease study discovered that a chemical in cannabis called CBD (cannabidiol) is able to cause the malignant cells in the liver to undergo apoptosis, or cell suicide, and leave the rest of the liver intact.

The death of these malignant cells is able to stop and reverse the advance of liver fibrosis, and due to CBD’s unique ability to induce the effect, makes CBD a valued choice as treatment for the cell buildup. With liver fibrosis being the tenth leading cause of death in Americans, and at last count affecting over 400,000 American patients, CBD is one of the best choices for new solutions to this deadly disease.


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