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Epilepsy Relief From Down Under

Epilepsy Relief from Down Under

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While epilepsy relief could be the most famous positive effect of cannabis in the last decade, much of its success stories have not been reinforced with official studies or research. This cognitive dissonance has largely come to an end in recent years, with new studies being revealed on just how powerful the cannabis plant can be.

Just this year, a study conducted by Epilepsy Action Australia (Australia’s leader in epilepsy support and research) showed true “official” promise on the restorative powers of cannabis. A national survey assessing patients with varying conditions and ranges of severity was initiated to gather information regarding the experiences of those who had tried to use cannabis as a form of relief for seizures.  Out of almost one thousand patients who matched the survey’s demographics, fifteen percent of adults and thirteen percent of parents caring for children with epilepsy reported the current or past use of cannabis to treat their symptoms. Of these patients, nine out of ten adults and over seventy percent of parents noted the viability of cannabis in seizure reduction and treatment.

These patients stated that cannabis offered a higher quality option for dealing with “treatment-resistant” epilepsy than conventional drugs, and the number of drugs that the patient had tried previously showed a direct correlation in probability that said patient was utilizing medical cannabis. Not only were these patients able to find relief from their conditions, but this relief was so revolutionary that over half of the participants showed an affinity towards participation in future studies and trials involving medical cannabis.

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