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Finding A Doctor Willing To Work With You On Cannabis Treatment

Finding a Doctor Willing to Work With You On Cannabis Treatment

Unfortunately, cannabis still has a bad rap with a lot of the medical community. To make matters worse, it is still federally illegal, and only allowed in limited medical use here in Florida. All of this contributes to patients having trouble finding a doctor that is okay with their medical marijuana use. 

So how do you find a doctor that doesn’t care about cannabis? Here are some key tips.

Avoid the free clinics, the income-based sliding scales, and the public teaching hospitals.

All of these clinics and organizations receive federal funding for their income-based community programs. Even if you yourself are not on a payment plan, those doctors may not be allowed to condone cannabis use or prescribe marijuana.

Be up front and honest.

If you already have a doctor and are just now starting medical cannabis, you need to be up front with your providers. Give them an opportunity to weigh in. Do you have medical conditions that might be worsened with cannabis use? Are you taking medications that could interact negatively with cannabis? There could be legitimate reasons your doctor doesn’t want you to have marijuana. Being up front and frank is the only way to ensure you’re safe.

If your doctor doesn’t want you using medical cannabis but they can’t give a scientific medical reason for their objection, you might consider getting another doctor. It really is up to you, but if your doctor won’t work with all of your treatments, including mmj, they are not going to be able to effectively heal you.

If you need help figuring out what to say to your doctor, or to look for a new one, contact us today.

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