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How To Apply For A Medical Cannabis Card In Florida

How to Apply for a Medical Cannabis Card in Florida

Though the ability to receive a medical marijuana card in the state of Florida is recent, there are now many dispensaries up and running in the state. When applying for a medical cannabis card in Florida, the process is becoming organized and streamlined. Our Tampa health center will help you every step of the way when you qualify for medicinal marijuana.

How to Apply

You will first want to obtain any of your medical records that show a diagnosis and/or treatment of any of your conditions. All of the Tetra Health Centers physicians are registered with the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry and hold a current medical marijuana physician certification. You will also need to have a valid Florida ID with a current address as well as proof that you are a resident of the state in the form of a voter registration card of utility bill in your name – the service address must be visible.

Once the doctor determines you would be a good candidate to use medical marijuana as an option for treatment, you will be entered in to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry run by the U.S. Department of Health. The Tetra Health Centers staff will take care of uploading all documents and information to simplify the process for you. When you leave your first appointment everything should be complete and the only thing you will need to do at that point is wait for the email sent to you from the State of Florida Department of Health that shows you are certified to use medical marijuana. You can print out the email or save it on your phone in order to show it at the dispensary to purchase product. You will receive a physical card from the state via USPS within 6 months of your first appointment.

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