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Marijuana and Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is commonly believed to be a condition caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors (stress, bacterial infections, and a poor diet) that causes a leak in the intestines that allows bacteria to enter the intestinal tissue and cause inflammation and severe pain. The disease has also been known to lead to Ulcerative Colitis, a further degeneration of the intestines that causes them to rupture and bleed.

Cannabis has been discovered by researchers in the United Kingdom to possess two very important chemicals that interact with the intestines: THC and CBD. This discovery has led to anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana can be administered as a treatment for multiple bowel diseases that cause inflammation, specifically Crohn’s. Research has found that the cannabinoids extracted from plants advocate tighter bonds between the cell wall of the intestines that is supposed to prevent leaking or tearing. While this specific information is relatively new, it has been widespread knowledge that medical cannabis can be used as an anti-inflammatory for many diseases like Crohn’s.

While its most noticeable benefit is relief from inflammation, medical cannabis is also prescribed to patients suffering from Crohn’s disease due to its ability to aid in gut tissue regeneration and ease cramps normally suffered from intestinal disturbance. Its appetite stimulation is vital as well, what with Crohn’s disease preventing patients from absorbing essential nutrients through the digestive process.

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