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Medical Marijuana For Treatment Of Eye Conditions

Medical Marijuana for Treatment of Eye Conditions

You may be surprised to learn that medical marijuana is a great treatment for several eye conditions, especially glaucoma. In fact, marijuana was first discovered to assist glaucoma patients as early as the 70s. There are several ways that cannabis can ease the discomfort and strain from eye conditions.

Reducing Eye Strain

Marijuana has been found to reduce eye strain. Eye strain can make vision worse, and is usually caused by an eye condition or excessive screen time. Cannabis can effectively reduce the effects of eye strain, allowing your vision to be clear. It will also help with the discomfort and headaches that often accompany eye strain.

Reducing Eye Pressure

More studies are needed to understand just how marijuana reduces eye pressure. The phenomenon is not very well understood. It was first discovered that cannabis lowers eye pressure in the mid-1970s. The treatment of glaucoma, which is characterized by high eye pressure, was one of the first conditions that qualified you to obtain medical marijuana in the first states where it was legalized.

Night Vision

New studies are finding that medical marijuana can assist in strengthening night vision. The studies are not conclusive, but it could be that cannabis is able to help improve one’s vision in the dark. For those who have eye conditions that make seeing in the dark more difficult, cannabis could be an answer.

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