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Mental Relief From Cannabis

Mental Relief From Cannabis

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A joint study by researchers at the London-based University of Nottingham and University of Birmingham, as well as the University of São Paulo and the Federal University of Santa Catarina (both located in Brazil) has revealed positive signs of cannabis as a treatment for both anxiety-related and substance abuse disorders.

These disorders are most commonly caused by abnormal responses to drug- or fear-related causes and develop further from persistent memories of these causes and inconsistent or incorrect treatment. Researchers discovered that cannabidiol is an incredibly effective tool in anxiety reduction as well as fear reduction in both fear memory and fear expression, the root causes of fear-related anxiety disorders in patients. This effect appeared in a very similar way for those with substance-abuse issues, targeting drug memories in the subject and disrupting their persistent or recurring natures.

This regulation of how the body processes emotions and emotional memories could play a critical role in the development of treatments for patients and, according to the study results, “may eventually lead to its use as a treatment for anxiety-related and substance abuse disorders.”

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