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National Wellness Month: Three Surprising Health Benefits Of Cannabis

National Wellness Month: Three Surprising Health Benefits of Cannabis

Medical cannabis is only legal in Florida for approved conditions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some additional health benefits of cannabis. You might be surprised by all of the ways that cannabis can help you in addition to the condition you are primarily using it for.

Lower Risk of Obesity

A study done by the University of Quebec found that cannabis users aged 18 to 71 had healthy BMIs, or body mass index. BMI measurements are one of the key factors that doctors look at when determining someone’s health. People with low BMIs are at lower risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Increased Activity

Medical cannabis is an amazing pain reliever. Many people use medical cannabis to decrease their dependency on pain medications for daily chronic pain. A side effect of having less pain is that you are able to be more active. When you become more active, have an exercise routine, and incorporate a healthy diet, you are going to be much more likely to be healthy overall.

Improve Lung Function

Some limited studies have suggested that smoking marijuana may actually be good for the lungs. The studies showed that cigarette smokers who quit smoking had improved lung function after smoking medical marijuana. It is believed that taking big tokes expands the lungs and trains them to be more efficient.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to apply for your medical marijuana card in Florida, contact us today for more information and to get your questions answered.

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