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CBD Shower Fizz

We have multiple kinds of shower fizzes to suit any type of need. Each of the shower fizz has 100 mg of CBD inside; place this at the bottom of your shower tub and enjoy the wonderful benefits that these CBD & aromatic fizzes have to offer. Choose from: Pain (which includes a blend of essential oils to alleviate inflammation and pain), Mood Boost (which includes a blend of essential oils known to uplift any tension), Sleep (which includes a blend of essential oils that help with sleep aid and relaxation), Anxiety (which includes a blend of essential oils known to calm the senses and relax the mind), and Energy (which includes a blend of essential oils that energize the body and mind).

CBD Honey Spoons & CBD Tea

Our CBD Honey Spoons and CBD Tea are the Ying to your Yang. Have them together for the perfect CBD boost or indulge them separately for their unique benefits on their own.  Our CBD Honey Spoons come in a few flavors so call an ask us what we have in stock. We could carry the Original Favorite, Ginger, Mint, or even Lemon.

The CBD Teas have 20 mg of CBD and come in an assortment, including but not limited to, Cold & Flu Brew (with notes of peppermint, elder flower, rosehips, ginger, anise seed, thyme, yarrow and calendula), Heart Health and Anti Inflammatory (with notes of chocolate red rooibos, coconut and cardamom), Chill Time (with notes of chamomile, gotu kola, orange peel, lavender, licorice and cardamom), and Cleanse & Refresh (with notes of elderberry, alfalfa, and kelp).

CBD PreRolls

These are premium hemp flower sticks! They are rich in CBD with natural terpene profiles.  This is our best seller for quickly relaxing the body and mind! Get yours today!

CBD Soap

We are proud to offer CBD infused soaps that contain 80 mg of CBD in each bar.  They are in scents of Peppermint (known to relieve muscle and joint pain, and boost energy), Lavender (known as an antifungal, heals wounds, and calms the senses), and Dead Sea Mudd (containing 21 minerals and vitamins to help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis).

CBD Cookie Dough

Brought to you by Eddie Bull’s Cookie Dough, these delightful treats are medicated with 110 mg of CBD isolate per container, which is 18.33 mg of CBD per cookie!  We have a variety of flavors to choose from such as: Chocolate Chip, Sprinkles, Pumpkin, and PB & Fluff.  Call us and check in on any seasonal flavors that we may have in stock!

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