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Relieving Itch With Topical Medical Cannabis

Relieving Itch with Topical Medical Cannabis

There are a lot of things that can cure or relieve itchy skin or scalp, and whether or not a method will be effective largely depends on the reason for the itch. When you don’t know the reason for the itch, there are a few medical cannabis topical products that could help treat the itch without the need for medications or steroid creams.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is a great medical cannabis topical treatment for dry and itchy skin, regardless of the cause. Hemp seed oil, especially when a high CBD strain, will help replenish the skin and strengthen it against future attacks.

CBD Infused Cream

There have been many recent studies into the effectiveness of CBD infused cream as a treatment for itchy skin. In one study, 8 out of 21 patients saw a complete elimination of itch with application twice a day for just 3 weeks. Another study found that these creams could be effective in preventing allergic reaction in patients with eczema. 

A Replacement for Steroids

Many doctors hesitate to prescribe steroids, either in pill or topical form, for very long periods. Steroids can cause a number of side effects, and the more of them you take the higher your risk. Yet steroids are often the most effective way to relieve severe itch, especially when related to allergic reaction, eczema, or other rash.

With medical cannabis products, you can relieve the itch and calm the skin without the need for steroids. Some patients may still need steroids for severe flares, but they may be able to decrease their dependency on them.

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