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Edibles are marijuana-infused food products that offer similar, yet more delayed effects of cannabis. There are a variety of legal edibles across the United States, many of which contain no THC at all and only the benefits of CBD. When it comes to Florida legislation, the status of edibles is a little hairy. Our compassionate care center in Florida is always fighting for legal use of cannabis edibles in a medical sense.

The Difference between Marijuana Edibles and CBD Edibles

Marijuana edibles are much different from CBD edibles due to the THC content. Where Hemp CBD edibles are legal nearly everywhere, cannabis-based edibles have more regulations and restrictions. Our compassionate care center in Florida has played a considerable role in the acceptance of edibles for medical use, and the state is making slow but steady progress towards them.

The Current Legal Status of Edibles in Florida

As of June 2017, a new law was approved to allow the sale of edible products to qualified patients. Though there are currently many regulations involved with this distribution, such as the shape, form, and ingredients, their approval is a step in the right direction.

For many patients, an edible format is a much easier way to find relief for their condition. Tetra Health Care continues to fight for patients’ rights when it comes to this exceptional form of treatment. As of May 2018, it has been announced that the state’s production standards for edibles will be similar to those of other foods.

Though we are moving in the right direction, there are still many details that need to be ironed out. For example, the Department of Health will be in charge of what forms the edibles can be in and how much THC can be in each product. These determinations have yet to be announced. Until the state has formally outlined the sale of medical marijuana edibles, Tetra Health Centers continues to hold cooking education seminars to provide you the expert help needed to make your own and delicious and beneficial meals infused with medical cannabis.

At our compassionate care center in Florida, we are always working with Florida legislators to plead our case for medical marijuana. We understand how beneficial it can be for a variety of people, and want to ensure this form of treatment is accessible by all who need it. If you are interested in receiving your medical marijuana card, contact Tetra Health Care today to schedule your appointment so that you an use medical marijuana as an option for treatment.

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