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How to Use CBD for Pain Treatment in Florida

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the numerous chemical compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another one of those compounds, CBD does not get you high. Instead, it delivers all of the mental and physical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive side-effects that have caused the drug to be illegal in many states. CBD is most commonly used for anxiety relief, relaxation before sleep, and pain treatment in Florida.

CBD is Non-Psychoactive

One of the most important qualities of cannabidiol is that it has no psychoactive effects on the body. This makes it incredibly effective for anxiety and pain treatment in Florida and it allows those who may experience adverse side effects of marijuana to receive relief for their symptoms.

Where Does CBD Come From?

There are two main sources of cannabidiol: hemp plants and cannabis flowers. Where the product is derived from depends significantly on each state’s legal status on marijuana. States that have strict marijuana laws often require the THC level to be 1% or less in any CBD product for it to be considered legal. To reach these guidelines, CBD is often sourced from hemp. The laws surrounding hemp are much different, meaning it is much easier to obtain and sell products derived from this plant.

In states where medical marijuana is legal, such as when it’s used for pain treatment in Florida, the THC levels are generally higher as the cannabinoid is sourced from the cannabis itself.

What Can CBD Do?

Cannabidiol has been shown to effectively treat and aid a variety of conditions and symptoms, many of which are also remedied by medical marijuana. Below are just some of the medical benefits of CBD.

  • Stop epileptic seizures
  • Treat neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease
  • Relieve pain
  • Help fight cancer
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Treat mood disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, and stress disorder
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