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Three Ways Medical Cannabis Assists Veterans

Three Ways Medical Cannabis Assists Veterans

Our veterans are important members of our society, and it is unfortunate that they are often overlooked or even shunned by our communities. There are a lot of things out there that can help veterans be more productive members of society. One of the most beneficial things for veterans is medical cannabis. Here are three ways that medical cannabis can change the outlook for many veterans.

Treatment of PTSD

Many veterans, especially those who have seen action overseas, come back to the states with PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is the leading cause of violence and suicide in veterans. While some patients are treated with psychotherapy and medications, other veterans are finding that they get the most benefits from a combination of medical cannabis and psychotherapy.

Treatment of Depression

The treatment that veterans get when they come home from war often leads to depression. They may have depression due to things that happened while they were in the service, or they could be depressed due to failed relationships stateside while they were gone. Clinical depression is also prevalent in veterans. Medical cannabis has been proven to be an effective treatment for both clinical and situational depression.

Decreased Pain Medication

Many veterans were injured during their terms of service, and often they have chronic pain that can cause difficulties in both work and home life. Studies have shown that people who use medical cannabis are able to decrease or eliminate their dependency on harmful and potentially addictive pain medications.

If you are a veteran that has been struggling to get appropriate and effective treatment for these or other disorders, medical cannabis may be the answer. Contact us today for more information.

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