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Two Edible CBD Products And How They Can Help You

Two Edible CBD Products and How They Can Help You

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If you aren’t quite ready to try medical marijuana, we also offer some CBD products that do not contain THC. These CBD products can be very beneficial. Here is some information on our two best CBD products that can help you in different ways.

CBD Honey Spoons and CBD Tea

This package set of CBD products can be great for a number of uses. The honey spoons come in different flavors so you can have some variety. You can use them alone or with one of our CBD teas. We offer a number of CBD teas depending on what you need them for. There is a tea for cold and flu, one for heart health and anti-inflammatory, one to help you relax and destress, and one to detox and cleanse your body. No matter which tea and honey spoon combination you choose you are sure to see results with these CBD products.

CBD Soap

Did you know you can also use CBD topically with amazing effects? CBD has a lot of health benefits for the skin, and because of that we have developed some CBD soaps. Each bar of soap contains 80 mg of CBD and combines the power of CBD with the magic of aromatherapy. The soaps come in different scents for different purposes: peppermint for relieving muscle and joint pain, lavender for calming and cleansing, and dead sea mud for conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Your skin will greatly benefit from these CBD soaps.

If you are interested in trying one of these CBD products for yourself, or you would like more information about medical cannabis, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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