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Whether you are ready to schedule an appointment or want some questions answered, our pain doctor in Tampa, FL, is here to help. Take the next step to a better life today!

Florida Patient Intake Forms
Florida Patients: List Of What To Bring

Before your appointment at one of our Florida locations, make sure you have gone through the following list and brought all of the necessary documents


  • Valid Florida ID (DMV issued Florida driver’s license or Identification card)

Proof Of Residency (only 1 needed)

  • Copy of Utility Bill (phone bill not accepted)
  • Copy of Voter Registration Card

Medical Records

  • Anything that diagnoses your condition and any treatment plans you are currently on
  • Copy of last check up
  • Copy of X-Rays
  • Prescription bottles
  • Lab work

$75 Payment to the State of Florida (any of the following are accepted)

  • Paid online via credit card on day of appointment


When booking an appointment, we do ask for a $50 deposit to secure your appointment. That fee will be deducted from your office visit.

At your first appointment the balance of $249 is due. This can be paid in cash or debit/credit card. Your total fee will be $299.

An additional separate fee of $75 goes to the state in either a debit/credit card, check, or money order.
At the second appointment a fee of $99 is due for the state’s mandatory face to face evaluation at 210 days and will be taken care of the day of that appointment.

There is a $99 transferring patient admin fee when transferring from a doctor outside the Tetra umbrella and is due at the time of appointment.

*Federal law prohibits any medical marijuana patient from owning or purchasing a firearm.

To make things move fast when visiting Tetra Health Care please print and fill out these forms prior to your appointment. Make sure to have them with you on your first visit

If you are coming in for a renewal make sure to bring a copy of your previous Medical Marijuana Use Card.


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