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When Can I Stop Taking My Prescription After I Switch To Medical Marijuana?

When Can I Stop Taking My Prescription After I Switch to Medical Marijuana?

Once you have received your medical marijuana card from our Tampa health center, you may be wondering when you can stop taking your regular prescription. Though it is possible to replace your existing prescription with medical cannabis completely, it is important to work with your medical marijuana physician to determine if this would be the case for you and your condition(s).

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may find that the best results initially come from using medical marijuana in conjunction with your prescribed medications.  You may even be able to reduce the number of medications you take, and your quality of life will still be tremendously improved.

When looking into medical marijuana as a treatment for your condition or symptoms, you should go in with the expectation that you may still need your current prescription. Though medical cannabis will undoubtedly relieve the symptoms you are experiencing, it is possible that you may need the other medication to treat the condition itself.

If you are interested in learning more about your medical marijuana certification, contact our Tampa health center today by calling 813-898-8009. Our experienced doctors will help you understand all of the details around using medical marijuana as your option for treatment, as well as provide guidance for the best product and method options available to you.

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