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Why It Is Important To Renew Your Medical Marijuana Certification Before It Expires?

Why It Is Important to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Certification Before It Expires?

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Medical marijuana cards must be renewed to ensure patient safety and the responsible use of marijuana products. With this requirement, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, or OMMU, helps make sure that medical marijuana remains a beneficial treatment option for qualifying patients. 

It’s crucial for patients to renew their medical marijuana certifications well before the expiration date. Read on to learn more. 

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in Florida

Upon approval, medical marijuana patients in Florida are given a medical marijuana identification card. This card is issued by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use of the Florida Department of Health, and it expires one year after the initial date of approval. You’ll see the expiration date on the card beneath your birth date. 

The earliest that you can start the renewal process for your medical marijuana card is 45 days before the expiration date of the current card, as set by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. You’ll notice when you log on to the MMU registry’s site that the renewal option won’t be available before this time frame. 

If your current medical marijuana card hasn’t yet expired, renewing the card won’t impact your capability to get medical marijuana products. 

Starting the Renewal Process in Advance

Renewing your medical marijuana card 45 days before it expires, rather than waiting until closer to the expiration date, is important. If you wait to renew your medical marijuana card, you run the risk of having a gap between the expiration date and your renewal approval. This gap can be a significant setback in treatment for patients who rely on medical marijuana to manage symptoms of chronic conditions. 

To renew your medical marijuana card, you may be required to be assessed by a qualified doctor, like one of the medical marijuana doctors at Tetra Health Centers, for approval. Your doctor will perform an assessment to ensure that medical marijuana is still a safe and beneficial treatment option for you. 

It takes time to schedule an appointment with your medical marijuana doctor, receive doctor approval, submit the renewal application, and get the application approved, so it’s in patients’ best interests to begin the renewal process with plenty of time to spare before the expiration date of their current cards. 

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