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Why You Need To Talk To Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana Use

Why You Need to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana Use

Your doctor might not be certified to approve your medical marijuana application, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to know about your cannabis use. Coming to us for your evaluation and cannabis certification is great, but you still need to be honest with your primary healthcare provider. 

Why is it important to talk to your doctor about cannabis?

Cannabis is very safe, and by itself hasn’t been shown to have health defects for healthy individuals. But that doesn’t mean it is safe for everyone. There are three areas in which cannabis use can be problematic.


The effects of cannabis can interfere with some diagnostics that doctors use to figure out what is causing your symptoms. Especially if you are trying to address a chronic issue that has been happening for a while, your doctor may ask you to stop imbibing marijuana until a diagnosis has been found.

Medication interactions

Just as alcohol or caffeine can interact with medications, so too can cannabis. Some medications may be more or less effective with regular cannabis use. You need to be honest with your doctor so that they can let you know of any potential risks. Usually the only result of a cannabis interaction is increased effects of drowsiness or intoxication.

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions could prohibit the use of cannabis for a number of reasons. You may have respiratory illnesses that your doctor requires you to avoid inhaling smoke. You may still be able to have edibles or use CBD oils, so be open with your doctor about what will work with your conditions and treatments.

Still don’t know how to start the conversation? We’re happy to help you prepare for your appointment to discuss cannabis with your doctor. Contact us today for your appointment.

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